So much to do and so little time...

I love being self employed (after all I gave up a secure, well paid job to do this) but, goodness me, it can be challenging when everything is your responsibility!

If I was asked to list my responsibilities they would include:

  • shopkeeper

  • buyer

  • cleaner

  • window dresser

  • admin officer

  • website manager

  • online shop manager

  • general manager

And that list could probably go on & on if I thought for too long!

I would honestly recommend self employment to anyone who can rise to a challenge but when you've got to fit that number of roles into one job it can make you tired.

So, my new challenge is to make sure I take some time out each week, just for myself. I started yesterday with a trip to the seaside, to Largs on the west coast of Scotland. Ok, I probably talked about the business far too much to my long-suffering husband, but I did take time away from being in the shop or being glued to my laptop!

I feel that bit more refreshed and raring to go today (another day away from the shop - we're closed on Sundays & Mondays) - so, taking that time out has hopefully made me more productive.

I think the huge ice cream sundae I polished off helped too...!

I believe taking a bit of time out can be beneficial for everyone!

Wishing you all a very fabulous week!

Suzi x

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